Morten Lund interview

Who is Morten Lund?

Morten Lund, (born April 3, 1972) is an entrepreneur from Copenhagen, Denmark. Along with Soren Kenner, Lund is founder and managing partner of LundKenner, a venture capital firm focusing on technology ventures.[1] From 2007 he has also fronted the startup catalyst LundXY.

That’s what Wikipedia has to say. But who is he really?

Father of 4 kids and 60+ startups? Archangel investor, startup ideologist and visionary? Smooth salesman and marketer who excels at selling himself? Undeterred by failure and innovative DJ of proven technologies producing a smash hit every few years? Uber networker and connector leaving project management to someone else? Updated younger look-a-like version of Sir Richard Branson? Greatest fan of Steve Jobs who thinks you should always take ‘the first right’? Easy going but energetic personality who loves people just like his friend Bill Clinton?

Who knows. You be the judge. Here’s an interview from TMT.Ventures’09 Warsaw:

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After TMT.Ventures’09 Warsaw

Last Wednesday, March 5th I had the pleasure to mingle with a spectacular community of smart people attending TMT.Ventures’09 Warsaw: innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, bloggers and so on.

What else would you want? Oh, maybe a networking dinner the night before, celebrity arch-angel investor straight from Le Web video, 7 minutes contest during the event, great speakers, great lunch and last but not least… flute playing lesson broadcasted via video stream.

So many memories, new businessfriends, old acquaintances refreshed, things to think over. I’ll be relaying those over to you during the next few days on this blog. So stay tuned.

Yes, we are experiencing a downturn. Yes, in the macro-scale it will probably get worse before it gets better. But let’s not worry about the broken financial system or gloomy future of some financial institutions. Let’s not worry about the economy while there are fat juicy opportunities to be harvested out there.

The airheads and smart-asses are gone back to their safe and warm jobs – says celebrity investor Morten Lund. The supply of new and innovative projects is lower so it’s easier to achieve first mover advantage – says Holtzbrinck Ventures CEO Konstantin Urban. Easy UE money is out there for the taking – says serial entreprenuer turned investor Rafal Styczen. Grab whatever is left from your bankrupt competitors’ assets – says Piotr Czublun of CMS Cameron McKenna. Exciting stuff.

So what the heck are we having these conferences for?

Remember what Friedrich Nietzsche said about The Financial System being dead?

The Financial System is dead. The Financial System remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us?

And then good ol’ Friedrich tells us to get together and have a conference before we get to work:

Companions, the creator seeks, not corpses, not herds and believers. Fellow creators, the creator seeks — those who write new values on new tablets. Companions, the creator seeks, and fellow harvesters; for everything about him is ripe for the harvest. … Fellow creators, The Entrepreneur seeks, fellow harvesters and fellow celebrants: what are herds and shepherds and corpses to him?

So let’s get to work and let’s not allow this crisis deter us from being creative and innovative. When the going gets tough only tough get going. And it takes one tough entrepreneur to build anything meaningful. Determination, hard work and lots of good luck – says Morten Lund. Also fellow harvesters and fellow celebrants – reminds Friedrich Nietzsche, famous management coach.

Stay tuned for another transmission from a memoir of TMT.Ventures’09 Warsaw participant.

PS. Here’s how we got into The Financial Crisis:

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

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Morten Lund is coming to Warsaw

Guess what. Another New Europe’€™s most exciting conference for tech-entrepreneurs, new media and technology executives and investors – TMT.Ventures’09 Warsaw – is happening on March 5th at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Poland.

And guess who’s coming…

Morten Lund is coming. If you don’t know who he is by now… you better don’t admit it. Better check out this post and videos.

Morten Lund, (born April 3, 1972) is an entrepreneur from Copenhagen, Denmark – according to Wikipedia.

Morten LundAt 36 years of age he is one of the most active seed investors in Europe, with an eye for turning existing business models and distribution methods on their head. His portfolio features over 80 companies spanning the Internet, telecoms, health and alternative energy.[5] On January 13, 2009, Morten Lund was declared personally bankrupt by the Copenhagen Maritime and Commercial Court[6].

Archangel investor, serial entrepreuneur, startup ideologist and visionary. He has founded and/or co-invested in more than 40 high-tech start ups including Skype, the Internet phone startup bought by eBay. At 36 years of age, his current portfolio includes over 80 companies, from internet technology, through telecommunications, to health and energy. Lund has additionally established a category of investments in his portfolio entitled WILD – Worldwide Investments/Involvement in Life Development which is currently investing in companies within the areas of water purification technology, water turbine energy, landmine detection and hunger/obesity.

He is one of the most active seed investors in Europe. Lund is a special member of Clinton’s Global Initiative (, he is a professor at Reykjavik University and frequent speaker at international conferences. His blog has more readers than a local newspaper, 40,000.

Lund’s investment model merges angel and venture capital with incubator support catapaulting start-ups into existence. He believes: “Startups need help from smart people – not takeovers from smart asses”. To Lund, being an investor is all about adding value. He doesn’t over-think and he doesn’t let himself get bogged down by institutional processes. He just does. Quickly. He falls in love with companies, and does what it takes to help them grow.

Tenacious, instinctive and viciously self-promoting, one of Morten’s secrets to success lies in his network activity which extends from honing the raw brilliance of young programmers to masterminding a sit-down with former President Clinton. He is not afraid to take risks and dedicates funds for high risk early stage investments. He is known for acting on the moment, focusing on people, timing, network and…luck hence the title of his blog: ‘Its all about Luck’.

SIME 08 – Morten Lund from SIME on Vimeo.

Recent activities include, co-founding Denmarks now largest newspaper, Nyhedsavisen, a free newspaper, where he intends to transform the nature of printed press today, merging this offline distribution with an attractive online presence. He also recently started 40+ companies under his boutique firm LundKenner and ignited international communications agency Hello Group founded 2006 and now employing 65 people, and currently the fastest growing add and media agency in Scandinavia. On top of all that Morten has started 3 funds – Chinese Property, Indian Tech Ventures and Middle East GreenTech Private Equity Fund.

Recent exits include:
VOIP star Skype (recently sold to eBay for $2.6 billion), Anti-virus consumer brand Bullguard,
Web Agency NeoIdeo (sold to Leo Burnett),
Chinese browser Maxthon with 72 million downloads,
Orolix the fastest growing on-line company in Brazil, Commisions free stocktrading (75.000+ clients in 12months)
PokerOffice the world leader in poker training.

Within his WILD investment portfolio, he is currently involved with WaterStillar, a company for water purification techniques; IJoule, a startup working to fight obesity and Aresa, a company that uses genetically modified plants to detect landmines.

At the heart of Morten Lund there’s something that drives him to go big. To Lund, big money means big power. It means Carl Icahn-style clout and activism. Something makes people listen to Lund, he has the clout, vision and disruptive ideas to fascinate and inspire. He will influence how we live, communicate, work and play tomorrow.


Any questions?

TMT.Ventures’09 Warsaw, March 5th – Warsaw, Poland

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Seedcamp 08 starts today

Saul Klein – Partner at Index Ventures, Founding Partner of The Accelerator Group (TAG), as well as the founder of OpenCoffee Club and Seedcamp – is super excited about Seedcamp 08 week starting today in London.

Saul says they have a great set of teams from across the globe – including Austria, Poland, Finland, Romania, Ukraine, France, Germany, Slovenia, US, India and Sweden, the UK, but not just from London – from Wales as well.

Check out this super cool Seedcamp application zeitgeist.

What are you creating?

How will you make money?

What tools will you use?

“The diversity is fantastic and shows how wide the talent pool really is in Europe and that killer teams can come from anywhere nowadays – although Zemanta, taught us that lesson last year by putting Slovenia on the Internet map.” – says Saul.

LOL you Westerners, you!

Maybe it’s time to get to know start-ups form Central and Eastern Europe a little better. Why not start in the Balkans – Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia…

Why not learn some more at TMT.Ventures’08 Zagreb conference, which will take place on October 28th in Zagreb, Croatia:

For Seedcamp-lovers we have a 7 minutescontest for the most innovative regional start-ups. It was kinda inspired by local Easter European contest but VC-backed Seedcamp as well. In fact we did one of these contest with Reshma and it was great fun. But getting to the point…

‘7 minutes’ is a challenge for entrepreneurs trying to make an impression and deliver a convincing presentation in an extremely short period of 7 minutes. It is a test of self-confidence and charisma for the project-leaders standing in front of a demanding audience, their competition, world-class investors, bloggers and media people.

Just to show you that we’re for real and that ‘7 minutes’ works… Mapness – a finalist of ‘7 minutes’ held in Warsaw – was recently voted the European Startup of the Month – August at EuropeanStartups and also won the 3rd prize at London Startup Camp. Congrats guys!

See you at TMT.Ventures’08 Zagreb on October 28th.

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Dutch Innovation Awards finalists

Few days ago jury of the Dutch Innovation Awards , organized by Accenture, announced 50 Dutch and Belgian finalists out of 200+ contest submissions. Holland and Belgium aren’t exactly in Central Europe but what the heck, let’s give’em a chance at!

Some of the nominees handpicked for you and me by Patrick de Laive, Internet entrepreneur and co-founder of Fleck:

Game Overlord – Game developers

Habbo Hotel – Virtual hangout for teens

eBuddy – Web based IM with over 40 million users

I-wood – Banners on your idle mobile screen (Dutch)

LiveCastr – Livestream from your mobile

Movels – Read books on your mobile

Myngle – Learn languages online

Netlog – Pan European social network

I-Rex – Kindle lookalike

Open Projects – free open source 3D content creation suite

Paybymail – Payments via email (iDeal). (NOTE: Paypal is non existent in the Netherlands UPDATE: Paypal has almost 2 million Dutch customers in NL, can paybymail grab a piece of the market?)

Payter – Mobile payments via Near Field Communication

Rabo SMS Betalen – Per per TXT message no account needed

SellaBand – Crowdfund your favorite band

StartyourStation – build your own tv channel

Symbaloo – Before the iPhone was out they already had the icon interface. Easy startup page

ViralTracker – Tracking Viral Commercials

Wuzzon – Mobile content platform (Dutch)

Zilok – The Next Web startup 2008, online rental platform aka the eBay of rentals

You can see all nominees and vote for your favorite go to the Innovation Award website.

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TMT.Ventures’€™08 Zagreb

In case you don’t know it yet – the Balkans are hot. HOT! Boiling with innovation and entrepreuership. Beaches and vistas of Croatia are nice as well. But let’s pretend to put business before pleasure ;) So…

Croatia is a perfect outlet to the Balkans and I personally believe there are many interesting start-ups there. I guess that’s why New Europe Events in co-operation with Initium association invites bold and ambitious entrepreneurs, professional managers and investors to participate in TMT.Ventures’08 Zagreb conference, which will take place on October 28th in Zagreb, Croatia.

Central and Eastern Europe is a fertile environment for technology start-ups which incubate bold and innovative services. But that you already know that.

What you DON’T want to miss:

Adeo Ressi – founder of, an online community of entrepreneurs to research, rate, and review funding sources worldwide. Very interesting site and very controversial one. Adeo will speak on “Money for your dream, funding great projects, and building regional markets… The ultimate win-win-win“.

Adeo also serves as a Trustee of the X PRIZE Foundation, which inspires radical human achievements through competition. is the seventh start-up that Adeo has founded or built, four of which were acquired and three of which are still operating. The last company, Game Trust, Inc., was acquired by Real Networks, Inc. (RNWK) at the end of 2007.

‘7 minutes’ is a unique competition for innovative entrepreneurs and their projects from the space of telco, new media and new technologies. It is an express elevator up to the community of investors and experienced businesspeople with decision-making power whose recommendations and support are like rocket fuel for the projects aimed in the right direction.

‘7 minutes’ is also a challenge for entrepreneurs trying to make an impression and deliver a convincing presentation in an extremely short period of 7 minutes. It is a test of self-confidence and charisma for the project-leaders standing in front of a demanding audience, their competition, world-class investors, bloggers and media people.

Apply here. If you dare… ;-)

Panel discussion:

“Success stories from the Balkans: turning dreams into business”

  • It’s good to know people who know people
  • Teamwork saves time and money
  • Inspire people, get their support
  • The right strategy is always looking for the better strategy

Ilija Studen, activeCollab, Serbia
Marko Vojković,, Croatia
Maja Jelisić, Mobitel, Croatia
Nenad Bakić,, Croatia
Stanislav Prusac, Polar Software, Croatia

…and of course the after party. Can’t do without it.

But that’s not all, folks. Stay tuned.

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TMT.Communities’€™08 Warsaw – June 12th

You’re invited on June 12th to TMT.Communities’08 Warsaw conference – New Europe‘s most focused event on Web 2.0, social media and internet / mobile communities. It is organized in cooperation with Techcrunch UK & Ireland, who’s editor Mike Butcher will be speaking during the conference. We’re also having an Innowatorium & Techcrunch Meetup – an evening unformal event for tech startups, business angels and investors. If you’re interested in participating or in promoting your startup at – let me know.

By the way – Yours Truly is the chairman of the TMT.Communities conference. Take a look at the event agenda – looks interesting.

So creating products and services around internet & mobile communities presents great business and investment opportunities. Does it really? Or maybe Web 2.0 is ‘merely’ a social phenomenon attracting eyeballs but presenting not much value except for strategic investors intending to cross-sell their products?

Anyhow, creating and managing an active community throughout its lifecycle is a difficult challenge requiring a complex skillset. One has to deal with numerous business challenges and irritants for the (over?)sensitive users. Who’s to tell which early-stage projects will succeed? Why are some great seed projects misjudged and offered no support? Why some promising VC-backed projects fail?

Let’s discuss these issues on June 12th, 2008 during TMT.Communities conference in the Warsaw Stock Exchange HQ.

Did I mention that we’ll be watching Poland – Austria Euro 2008 football game? Well, we will.

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