The objective of this blog is to explore and discuss the opportunities and success factors for global expansion of an european ICT company with a special focus on the Internet companies from the CEE region.

What is a smart-up? It is explained here. ;-)

This blog was set up by Michal Faber, an internet industry serial entrepreneur from Poland, a PR and investor relations consultant, author of numerous articles on e-business, organizer and host of around 20 ICT conferences. Imagineer turned entrepreneur / marketing & business development pro / kitesurfer.

Michal’s current venture is, founded in January 2006, a community-empowered company dedicated to leveraging Web 2.0 potential for both enterprise as well as SMEs. raised some funding from the leading CEE tech venture capital fund MCI Management.

In his spare time Michal enjoys kitesurfing, skiing, a good movie or playing with his dog.

Contact e-mail: michal /