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After TMT.Ventures’09 Warsaw

Last Wednesday, March 5th I had the pleasure to mingle with a spectacular community of smart people attending TMT.Ventures’09 Warsaw: innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, bloggers and so on. What else would you want? Oh, maybe a networking dinner the night before, celebrity arch-angel investor straight from Le Web video, 7 minutes contest during the event, […]

Morten Lund is coming to Warsaw

Guess what. Another New Europe’€™s most exciting conference for tech-entrepreneurs, new media and technology executives and investors – TMT.Ventures’09 Warsaw – is happening on March 5th at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Poland. And guess who’s coming… Morten Lund is coming. If you don’t know who he is by now… you better don’t admit it. Better […]

Seedcamp 08 starts today

Saul Klein – Partner at Index Ventures, Founding Partner of The Accelerator Group (TAG), as well as the founder of OpenCoffee Club and Seedcamp – is super excited about Seedcamp 08 week starting today in London. Saul says they have a great set of teams from across the globe – including Austria, Poland, Finland, Romania, […]

TMT.Ventures’€™08 Zagreb

In case you don’t know it yet – the Balkans are hot. HOT! Boiling with innovation and entrepreuership. Beaches and vistas of Croatia are nice as well. But let’s pretend to put business before pleasure ;) So… Croatia is a perfect outlet to the Balkans and I personally believe there are many interesting start-ups there. […]

Beware Kiev, VCs are coming back!

Very mobile, well educated and trained, often workaholics, somewhat greedy and therefore effective in whealth creation and trade. They already invested quite a lot of their time in Western Europe, conquered America and then they came to Kiev. Very keen on beautiful local women. Who am I talking about? No, I’m not talking about VCs […]

TMT.Ventures’08 Kiev

Remember Soviet Union? 30% of all R&D efforts of USSR were performed in Ukraine. High-tech, space tech, nano, bio – they did it all. This tells you something about local engineering talent. Multiply that by increasing internet penetration, access to business know-how and venture capital. What you get is a vast pool of potential breakthrough […]

TMT.Ventures’08 and ‘7 minutes’ contest for Central European start-ups

On February 27th I participated in TMT.Ventures’08 conference for innovative technology entrepreneurs and ICT executives, local and regional VC’s and angel investors, media people and industry opinion leaders. The event was held at the Warsaw Stock Exchange HQ, Poland. The event gathered over 200 entrepreneurs and investment funds representatives. Over 400 people chatted and watched […]