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Poland named official CeBIT Partner Country for 2013

I am very proud and happy to participate in preparations to the world’s most important event for the digital economy – CeBIT 2013 – 05 to 09 March, Hannover, Germany. Even more so because Poland has been named CeBIT 2013 official Partner Country. If you represent a Polish company and want to get more recognition and contribute to our joint marketing efforts OR you just want to find out more feel free to contact me, visit, like or follow these update streams… – beta testing for the UK market starting soon

As you know pre-owned (used) games trading between users as well as games trade-in (old game for gift coupon) is a big money saver for the consumer and a growing market (Walmart, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Amazon, Tesco, Asda, on-line platforms). Since I’m focused on Europe and Central Europe in particular I’m glad to […]