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Rainmaking: Cloud must go on!

Cloud must go on… indeed. The question is who will benefit the most by building facebook-like platform for companies. The game is on and the players do mean business :-) Two of these players are Oracle in the 90s corner weighing 145 billion and in the 2000s corner weighing 15 billion. In the area of PR and rainmaking salesforce beats Oracle since I can remember.

Avatar – what a trip!

Just got back from a movie theater after seeing James Cameron’s Avatar. Wow! What a ride, what a rush… Right now I feel like waking up from a vivid dream about this beautiful, exotic, low gravity world populated by big, strong, physically fit humanoid creatures living the-simple-life in almost perfect harmony with their planet and […]

Alex Osadzinski rules!

I had a pleasure to meet Alex Osadzinski at New Connect Club event organized by Ewa‘s firm and moderated by Yours Truly. After the club meeting (catch a glimpse) we had a dinner and the next day we gave Alex and his lovely wife a tour around Warsaw. After hanging out for some time I […]

Beware Kiev, VCs are coming back!

Very mobile, well educated and trained, often workaholics, somewhat greedy and therefore effective in whealth creation and trade. They already invested quite a lot of their time in Western Europe, conquered America and then they came to Kiev. Very keen on beautiful local women. Who am I talking about? No, I’m not talking about VCs […] @ Office 2.0 Conference, San Francisco

It was great to participate in the “Web 2.0 Wave in the U.S. and Poland” event last November in SF. In case you were wondering – we keep on surfing that Web 2.0 wave with some success I must say. I wanted to share that news with you… My friend Michael Sliwinski is coming to […]

Pitch Johnson in Warsaw

Last friday I had the pleasure to attend a meeting with Pitch Johnson and mingle with senators, professors, American embassy officials, Polish government officials and the president of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal. What a company… The meeting was hosted by USPTC which is a Silicon Valley based non-profit organization founded by a group of senior […]

Web 2.0 Wave in the U.S. and Poland

As I mentioned earlier I was in the San Francisco Bay Area recently. I went there to participate in a discussion panel at the event entitled “Web 2.0 Wave in the US and Poland” organized by USPTC and the Polish Consulate at Stanford University, CA. I met many great people there trying to build bridges […]