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As you know pre-owned (used) games trading between users as well as games trade-in (old game for gift coupon) is a big money saver for the consumer and a growing market (Walmart, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Amazon, Tesco, Asda, on-line platforms). Since I’m focused on Europe and Central Europe in particular I’m glad to […]

TMT.Ventures’10 Warsaw – VC rivalry on the rise

28th of May 2010 will be another special day at the Warsaw Stock Exchange HQ as TMT.Ventures’10 conference takes place once again. After last year’s financial crisis imperceptibly entered the year 2010 and the new decade started. It surprised us immediately with successive eruptions and shocks reminding that the future is unpredictable. History is far […]

Investors are from Mars, tech companies are from Venus

Investors are from Mars while tech and new media companies are from Venus. Lawyers are not so bad. Buyouts are like any other trading deals so it’s good to have an advisor who has more negotiating skill and experience then the buyer. We need The Founding Fathers of the Polish Internet not just because they […]

Miro S. Parizek, Corum Group International

Miro S. Parizek, Corum Group International speaking on February 28, 2007 at TMT.Ventures’07 Warsaw. video #1 video #2 The video was recorded at TMT.Ventures’07 Warsaw – the most interesting event for venture capital and private equity industry in Central Europe.