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Poland named official CeBIT Partner Country for 2013

I am very proud and happy to participate in preparations to the world’s most important event for the digital economy – CeBIT 2013 – 05 to 09 March, Hannover, Germany. Even more so because Poland has been named CeBIT 2013 official Partner Country. If you represent a Polish company and want to get more recognition and contribute to our joint marketing efforts OR you just want to find out more feel free to contact me, visit, like or follow these update streams…

Denis Dovgopoliy likes to eat Zur!

So we meet again Denis Dovgopoliy! After all these years you come again to visit my country and eat our Zur. I met you in 2008 when visiting Ukraine for TMT.Ventures’08 conference and didn’t realize at first that you’ve been coming here since the early 2000’s to consume our nation’s most precious cuisine. And now you fly in to Warsaw a day too early with your Hello Kitty backpack and your 5 mobile devices that you carry around and you text me to say “I’m at the airport. Where are you?”. And you don’t even change your SIM card to a Polish one!

Estonian All-Stars at NEVC Tallinn Semi-Final – FREE registration!

Now… going to Tallinn. Very excited about that :-) My one and only goal for this trip and event is to discover Estonia’s secret of producing the most innovative start-up’s per capita in Europe. Check out the Estonian All-Star line-up below…

Kiev Semi-Final of New Europe Venture Contest – FREE registration!

The last time we had a conference in Kiev it was a blast – the event itself, the afterparty, the people me met… I found some historical parallels between modern VCs and Vikings. And last but not least I managed to have a beer with a global VC! It’s great to go back, I’m very excited :-) I will try to (video)blog some of it… but you better experience it for yourself :-) After all – it’s FREE to participate… Capital markets await Ukrainian companies. Success stories and growth strategies for both big and medium companies will be presented on December 1st, 2011 – PwC HQ, Kiev.

Rainmaking: Cloud must go on!

Cloud must go on… indeed. The question is who will benefit the most by building facebook-like platform for companies. The game is on and the players do mean business :-) Two of these players are Oracle in the 90s corner weighing 145 billion and in the 2000s corner weighing 15 billion. In the area of PR and rainmaking salesforce beats Oracle since I can remember. – beta testing for the UK market starting soon

As you know pre-owned (used) games trading between users as well as games trade-in (old game for gift coupon) is a big money saver for the consumer and a growing market (Walmart, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Amazon, Tesco, Asda, on-line platforms). Since I’m focused on Europe and Central Europe in particular I’m glad to […]

TMT.Ventures’10 Warsaw – VC rivalry on the rise

28th of May 2010 will be another special day at the Warsaw Stock Exchange HQ as TMT.Ventures’10 conference takes place once again. After last year’s financial crisis imperceptibly entered the year 2010 and the new decade started. It surprised us immediately with successive eruptions and shocks reminding that the future is unpredictable. History is far […]