Do IT with Poland

Do IT with Poland

I am very proud and happy to participate in preparations to the world’s most important event for the digital economy – CeBIT 2013 – 05 to 09 March, Hannover, Germany. Even more so because Poland has been named CeBIT 2013 official Partner Country.

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In the words of Frank Pörschmann, the member of Deutsche Messe’s Managing Board at the helm of CeBIT: “The Polish economy is on a growth trajectory. In fact, the country is a beacon of hope for Europe. We are therefore pleased that we could announce Poland as our Partner Country at CeBIT 2013. This is an opportunity for the country to present itself as an attractive and highly competent business location with an enormous potential due to the large number of qualified specialists in the digital industry.”

“I am exceptionally pleased that Germany, our most valued trading partner, has recognized the potential of the Polish IT sector and offered our country the opportunity to be the Partner Country at CeBIT 2013, the world?s most important event in the calendar of the digital industry”, said Polish Secretary of State at the Ministry of Economy, Dariusz Bogdan. He added: “We will use this opportunity to foster further cooperation in the IT industry and other areas of innovative technology. I am confident that in the coming years the IT sector will drive economic growth throughout the whole of Europe and for this reason it makes sense to invest in this sector now.”

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Participation of Poland at CeBIT


Visitors to CeBIT can look forward to an impressive showcase by Poland as a sophisticated high-tech nation.


The Partner Country Poland will be staging an impressive display occupying more than 3,000 square metres at the event. A central stand located in Hall 6 will be the hub of the presentation. Our Partner Country next year will be represented at four CeBIT platforms, i.e. CeBIT pro, gov, lab and life, with high-calibre professional displays. Currently we expect to see more than 150 Polish exhibitors at CeBIT 2013. This year, some 74 Polish companies took part in CeBIT, which proved an effective platform for initiating international business.

In addition, CeBIT 2013 boasts numerous panel discussions and forums where experts and important representatives from across the industry in Poland and Germany can exchange ideas and know-how.

At the Opening Ceremony of CeBIT on Monday, 4 March, German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel will be joined by Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk as well as his deputy Janusz Piechocinski.

German-Polish ICT Summit on 5 March 2013 in Hanover

BITKOM President Kempf responded in similar vein: “The German-Polish Partnership Year is a basis for the governments in both countries to meet and discuss high-tech strategies as well as economic and business policies”. It is therefore fitting that the opening of the German-Polish ICT Summit on 5 March, the first day of CeBIT 2013, will see important members of the governments of both countries taking part.

CeBIT took a proactive stance on developing relations with its Eastern and Central European neighbors as early as 1993 when it staged the CeBIT Partner Region event dedicated to “Business with Eastern Europe”. On this occasion the then Prime Minister of Poland, Hanna Suchocka, made an official visit to Hannover. Much has happened since then, as Frank Pörschmann was keen to emphasize: “Over the past twenty years Poland has experienced a dramatic period of development which saw it emerge virtually unscathed from the global economic crisis of 2008/2009. We want to provide our immediate neighbor with a global platform from which it can present itself to the world markets as a high-tech economy anchored in the digital world.”

For quite some time, the trend on the Polish IT and telecommunications market has been one of steady growth. BITKOM?s own market research institute EITO predicts a growth rate of 2.6 percent for 2012, bringing total market value to approx. 16 billion euros. The current growth areas include tablet PCs, IT outsourcing and both fixed-line network and mobile data services.

“Shareconomy” is keynote theme for CeBIT 2013

“Shareconomy” describes the societal shift from owning to sharing.

As the world’s most important event for the digital economy, CeBIT will spotlight this sweeping trend that emphasizes sharing knowledge, resources and experience to create new forms of collaboration.

A multistage screening process involving top executives from leading high-tech companies and user industries, international research institutes, and thousands of fans at the CeBIT Facebook fan page resulted in Shareconomy being selected for the CeBIT 2013 keynote theme. ?The trend was clear,? said Frank Pörschmann, Member of the Managing Board at Deutsche Messe, ?Shareconomy is currently the hottest topic for business and society.?

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