So we meet again Denis Dovgopoliy! After all these years you come again to visit my country and eat our Zur.

I met you in 2008 when visiting Ukraine for TMT.Ventures’08 conference and didn’t realize at first that you’ve been coming here since the early 2000’s to consume our nation’s most precious cuisine.

And now you fly in to Warsaw a day too early with your ‘Hello Kitty’ backpack and your 5 mobile devices that you carry around and you text me to say “I’m at the airport. Where are you?”. And you don’t even change your SIM card to a Polish one!

And don’t tell me you’re trying to quit voice (conversations) and switch to text completely. I don’t care if voice leaves no text record, is unstructured and you have to memorize what I say only to forget it the moment after we disconnect. So what if you cannot forward our voice conversation to your assistant?!

So what shall we have? What do you mean you don’t drink alcohol? At all? Oh, it ruins your busy 12-hour-a-day schedule when you get drunk? You cannot tweet right when drunk? How workaholic of you.

“1. Be the first 2. Bring value 3. Build relationships” is your framework for success, is it?

“Bring value not vodka!” you say.

“Can you imagine how hard it is to build relations without vodka?’ you say…

Well, at least you brought me some Ukrainian vodka as a gift. I will drink it later then…

So maybe make some use of yourself and give me a few tips on personal PR. I’ve heard you’re like a geek-fest rock star back home.

“Just work hard”? That’s it? That’s your advice?

“You’re the PR”? Thanks, that helps…

Oh, I understand. You have 600 investment project submissions a year, you do 200 meetings and spend 4 moths travelling per annum. That’s why you have all these passports and SIM cards.

Think globally but call locally. You’re so Glocal, it makes me sick. Or maybe it’s the third Zur that we’re eating… And stop tweeting about it. We’re not a face-down-generation-teens in a Moscow cafe.

Anyway I’m happy to hear that together with Yegor you guys sold Viewdle to Google. It rhymes, I see a nice fit. The Shortman did it after all. Good for him. He’s the best entrepreneur in Ukraine, you say? Looks like it.

Anyway, there’s no Buho Oseledeca my friend.

I’ll see you soon. We’ll have more Zur.

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