28th of May 2010 will be another special day at the Warsaw Stock Exchange HQ as TMT.Ventures’10 conference takes place once again.

After last year’s financial crisis imperceptibly entered the year 2010 and the new decade started. It surprised us immediately with successive eruptions and shocks reminding that the future is unpredictable. History is far from the end. The less we know the more valuable seem all well educated guesses and predictions. We will discuss such predictions for the next decade in the new technology, new media and telecommunications industry (TMT). Join invited market analysts, consultants and experienced entrepreneurs on May 28th, 2010.

What we know for sure is that hundreds of millions of euros from the EU will continue to drive Polish and Central European TMT industry. The only question is in what direction and with what effect. It is easy to foresee the growing role of the National Capital Fund (KFK), which in the years 2010-11 is planning to set up further investment funds targeting TMT projects. During the conference on the May 28th we will discuss the future of such funds, their model of cooperation or competition and the role of KFK.

Increasing competition between CEE investment funds is one of the most interesting trends of the next decade. During the conference we will discuss implications for funds and entrepreneurs, who should benefit from this development. Let’s hope to see some Central European start-ups on the front pages of The Financial Times or Time Magazine.

In the meantime let’s meet on 28th of May during TMT.Ventures’10 Warsaw: http://www.tmtevents.eu/

Special Guest:
Andrea Cockerton | Founder, Mudhut

Andrea is founder of Mudhut, the Cambridge-based venture market consultancy that has worked alongside almost 300 entrepreneurs on pitching for venture funding and for business critical commercial deals. Previously a director of the Great Eastern Investment Forum, one of the leading business angel networks in the UK, and prior to that one of the original management team behind Virtual Business Network, some of Andrea’s recent projects include recurring projects with Microsoft on the global Imagine Cup competition, pitch workshops for around 50 entrepreneurs as part of Running the Gauntlet, working closely with various fast growing SMEs in sectors including telecoms, games, biotech and the events industry on both commercial & investor pitches, working with a UK university on a pitch to Richard Branson for project funding, and helping three young entrepreneurs pitch directly to Bill Gates in Seattle. Andrea is a frequent public speaker on the subject of investor pitches and communicating business critical information under pressure.

Special Guest:
Marek Borzestowski | Serial Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Wirtualna Polska (FT Group)

Marek Borzestowski is the co-founder of the successful first horizontal portal in Poland “Wirtualna Polska” (www.wp.pl). This company was backed by Intel Capital as its first capital investment in Poland, accurately predicting the potential of search systems and the mass popularity of the Internet. Wirtualna Polska is currently within the France Telecom group. Among Marek’s main interests is a passion for intelligent information technologies and their application in everyday life. He co-founded Inteliwise which is a company delivering avatars for on-line customer care and support in SaaS model. Marek is a graduate of Gda??sk University of Technology and European Business Management School in Great Britain, Marek participated in the projects of the Nuclear Research Institute in Karlsruhe in Germany.

Special Guest:
Marcin Strza??kowski | CEO, InteliWISE (Polish tech-company based in California)

Marcin Strza??kowski is the CEO of Inteliwise – a polish SaaS company based in California and listed on the NewConnect public market in Warsaw. Inteliwise provides its customers with personalized avatars for on-line customer care and support. He previously created NetMania, the biggest interactive game on the Polish Internet. From 2000-2004, he held managerial positions at Wirtualna Polska S.A. which was the first Polish horizontal portal. In 2005, he became the Marketing Director at Crowley Data, Poland, responsible for the company’s marketing and communication strategy. Key achievements include: a 58% to 91% increase in brand recognition and growth in the number of users by 400% as a result of creating and implementing a new promotion and advertising strategy; an increase in the level of sales to retail customers to $1 million within 2 years; reduction in costs of operating customer service tasks by 80%. He graduated from Warsaw School of Economics and Institut Francais de Gestion (MBA).

Check out other special guests: http://www.tmtevents.pl/conference-tmt_ventures_2010_warsaw-3.html

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