Just got back from a movie theater after seeing James Cameron’s Avatar. Wow! What a ride, what a rush


Right now I feel like waking up from a vivid dream about this beautiful, exotic, low gravity world populated by big, strong, physically fit humanoid creatures living the-simple-life in almost perfect harmony with their planet and thus enjoying every minute of it – like we never seem to do on this Earth.

I feel like I’ve been dreaming about eco-friendly Utopia, erotic and seductive Garden of Eden, andrenaline pumping Shangri la, a Paradise in every sense of the word. Just like Jake Sully I would like to go back right now…

James Cameron sure knows how to create magic and tell a story using available 3D technology. What he’s done is quite simple really but it sure is working for me.

Let’s go step by step through Master Cameron’s work.

First – since you’re about to put a milestone into moviemaking history you have to use available 3D technology to its full potential. So try to imagine a world rich in dazzling vistas and amazing lifeforms – both fauna and flora – and try to mix them so the audience can’t tell what’s alive and what’s just pretty-looking and glaring at night. It has to be in another planetary system so the moons and a huge planet hangs over the horizon which is quite a view itself. It has to be low gravity so everything’s huge and all structures – living or not – are almost impossible to imagine in our world. Low gravity also means incredible jumps and aerial evolutions, skinny yet agile lifeforms like flying dragons and all kinds of amazing stuff.

Second – since you’re introducing most viewers to 3D movie technology you have to make the main character – with whom everyone identifies with – put on his “3D glasses” and experience immersion just like the audience does. While we are being immersed in his 3D life he’s going for a ride with his avatar. It’s a 3D movie about 3D technology of the future.

Third – the main character has to be physically impaired so his 3D ride seems even more compelling and desirable. Compared to these blue humanoid cat-like creatures living in a low grav world we all seem physically impaired, unfit and/or old. I certainly feel like it with my 12-hours-a-day in front of a computer screen and resulting back pains. So beam me up Scotty, I’m ready for my 3D avatar movie or any personalized 3D technology which James Cameron seems to predict. I want mine 3D-kit now! But let me play the Avatar game first…

Fourth – populate the distant planet of our dreams with beautiful, slim yet powerful creatures we’d all like to be. Make them live a simple life with respect for elders and their planet, a life filled with joyous trips and exciting rituals embracing life and celebrating the simple yet astonishing fact of living.

Fifth – add a flavour of supernatural – a living and thinking planet connected with every organism inhabiting it through countless neuro synapses – a giant, unified, surrounding being. A deity, a fact of nature. Something to believe in, to touch, to talk to.

Sixth – gimme these big bad diseased corporations representing the wickedness of our world, a world deprived of values we’d all like to believe in, a world in which a man is just a tool for the money virus to spread and multiply. Because money – the ultimate goal and driver of all corporations – is like a simple DNA-viral-lifeform which requires us only as carriers to spread across the stars and distant worlds while it’s only goal is to wipe out everything and everyone constraining its multiplication. So let me bring them corporations down even for a moment. Let me win a battle at least, if not a war. Get some you corpos you…

Seventh – gimme some historical allegories from colonization of America by early-white-settlers, Africa and Asia by greedy-europeans or any other expansive civilization in human history. Show me some pain and suffering of native Pandorans so I can reflect on current affairs and condemn any resources-driven-expansion. Allow me to simplify and forget that one world’s downfall preserves another world’s prosperity and way of life.

Eighth – let me indulge in a love story out of this world. Make me feel young again and allow me to explore the unexplored. Let me go where no man has gone before… if you catch my drift ;-)

The critics will say that Avatar is a well-written posthuman story, a dawn of transhuman, a praise for openness, hybridization and diversity. They’ll say we’ve seen it all before in Blade Runner, Matrix, Star Wars, however Cameron’s form is quite refreshing. They’ll say that Avatar is a politically engaged, critically inclined opinion about imperialistic America, a protest against a philosophy of preemptive strikes against perceived threats, which in fact are waged to justify resource-driven-wars. They will also say it’s about America’s involvement in Iraq.

Well, I say stop your blabbering. Do not overthink it. Do not ruin my ride through Pandora. It’s entertainment so let me wear my avatar Jake Sully so he can wear his so we can both live, fight, love and enjoy ourselves.

Let me address the question of “why there is evil in the world” tomorrow. Okey?

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