TMT.Communities’09 Warsaw

If you often reach for your Blackberry, iPhone or G1 to check new e-mails, use GPS, Google Maps or Twitter -€“ you may be infected with Generation C syndrome. If your favorite application if Firefox or even IE and you cannot imagine your life without Skype,, social networking and torrents – you most definitely are infected. Bad news: there’€™s no cure. Good news: there’€™s more people like you. It’s the only real pandemic out there.

What is Generation C? It’€™s a group of people all over the world aged 15 to 45 choosing a digitally-enhanced lifestyle and thus empowering hardware, application and service providers but also grassroots organizations like creative commons or Piratbyren. In the world of Generation C it’s all about content, communication and cooperation. And since the content is digital it doesn’€™t exist without a proper medium and your favorite device. It all ads up to a digital world where people are the most important component individually and form powerfull and influencial communities all together.

Generation C exerts enormous pressure on different content, telco and other service industries. What is the future of copyrights, what are tommorrows monetization models. Is the internet and media industry going to evolve providing on-demand services or are the users going to provide them to themselves leaving the intermediaries out? And breaking the law in the process?

Let’s discuss these issues on June 18th, 2009 during TMT.Communities’€™09 Warsaw conference in the Warsaw Stock Exchange HQ.

Check it out:
TMT.Communities’€™09 Warsaw

  • Success Factors of Starting up a (community empowered) Internet Business
  • These are the clusters of the internet! How the netusers spontanously build a society of their own, defending the internet against lobbyists, laywers and governments.
  • The Pirat Bay Trial – how would it play out in Poland?
  • Portal, vortal or community? Is the old-fashioned portal business model outdated? Are niche vortals and brandnames the way of the future? Are communities the only way to grow?
  • Evolution of copyrights, content distribution and multimedia business models
  • Generation C -€“ content, community, co-creation, control
  • P2P search engines – back to direct democracy
  • Specialized communities: family tree, location-based, entertainment, girl nextdoor…

Special Guest:
Marcin de Kamiński | The Pirate Bay

Marcin de Kaminski ( is one of the founders of the pro internet lobby group PiratbyrĂĽn (, aswell as the wellknown filesharing giant The Pirate Bay ( He has been coordinating projects at the Swedish pirate scene since the early 2000:s. Combined with a long and loving relationship to social networking through digital medias he has an unique inside knowledge of digital grassroot organizing. At the moment Marcin combines his experiences from his involvment in the progressive internet movement with social research in a large study called Cybernormer (, concerning normative processes when youth cultures clash with copyright and internet legislation.

Special Guest:
Lukasz Gadowski | Team Europe Ventures

Lukasz Gadowski is the co-founder and a partner of Team Europe Ventures. He studied in Paderborn (Business Informatics) as well as in Mannheim and at HHL Leipzig (Business), and in 2002 founded the company Spreadshirt (currently employing 300 people worldwide) and was, amongst other things, a co-founder of the social network ?StudiVZ? (sold to Holtzbrinck in 2007, currently the most-viewed German internet site). At the beginning of 2008, Gadowski switched from his executive position at Spreadshirt to a seat on the supervisory board, which he now chairs. As of 2007, he has been active as an angel investor and was involved in the launch of a number of internet companies. Furthermore, Lukasz has made numerous investments, both domestically and internationally, and was distinguished as the 2007 ?Internet Entrepreneur of the Year.? Lukasz has a personal blog at

Special Guest:
Jakub Duszyń„ski | Gutek Film

Artistic director and head of acquisitions in Gutek Film, Poland?s leading art house distribution company established in 1994. Feature film expert of the Polish Film Institute. Creator and host of a weekly TV show promoting art house films in ALE KINO (Canal+ Poland). Co-founder, artistic director (2001-2007)and co-author of the film program of ?Era New Horizons Film Festival? in Wroclaw, Poland. Co-programmer of €œSummer of Films€ Film Festival in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland. Jakub holds an MA degree (a€ grade) in philosophy of law from the faculty of law of the University of Warsaw.

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