Who is Morten Lund?

Morten Lund, (born April 3, 1972) is an entrepreneur from Copenhagen, Denmark. Along with Soren Kenner, Lund is founder and managing partner of LundKenner, a venture capital firm focusing on technology ventures.[1] From 2007 he has also fronted the startup catalyst LundXY.

That’s what Wikipedia has to say. But who is he really?

Father of 4 kids and 60+ startups? Archangel investor, startup ideologist and visionary? Smooth salesman and marketer who excels at selling himself? Undeterred by failure and innovative DJ of proven technologies producing a smash hit every few years? Uber networker and connector leaving project management to someone else? Updated younger look-a-like version of Sir Richard Branson? Greatest fan of Steve Jobs who thinks you should always take ‘the first right’? Easy going but energetic personality who loves people just like his friend Bill Clinton?

Who knows. You be the judge. Here’s an interview from TMT.Ventures’09 Warsaw:

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