Guess what. Another New Europe’€™s most exciting conference for tech-entrepreneurs, new media and technology executives and investors – TMT.Ventures’09 Warsaw – is happening on March 5th at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Poland.

And guess who’s coming…

Morten Lund is coming. If you don’t know who he is by now… you better don’t admit it. Better check out this post and videos.

Morten Lund, (born April 3, 1972) is an entrepreneur from Copenhagen, Denmark – according to Wikipedia.

Morten LundAt 36 years of age he is one of the most active seed investors in Europe, with an eye for turning existing business models and distribution methods on their head. His portfolio features over 80 companies spanning the Internet, telecoms, health and alternative energy.[5] On January 13, 2009, Morten Lund was declared personally bankrupt by the Copenhagen Maritime and Commercial Court[6].

Archangel investor, serial entrepreuneur, startup ideologist and visionary. He has founded and/or co-invested in more than 40 high-tech start ups including Skype, the Internet phone startup bought by eBay. At 36 years of age, his current portfolio includes over 80 companies, from internet technology, through telecommunications, to health and energy. Lund has additionally established a category of investments in his portfolio entitled WILD – Worldwide Investments/Involvement in Life Development which is currently investing in companies within the areas of water purification technology, water turbine energy, landmine detection and hunger/obesity.

He is one of the most active seed investors in Europe. Lund is a special member of Clinton’s Global Initiative (, he is a professor at Reykjavik University and frequent speaker at international conferences. His blog has more readers than a local newspaper, 40,000.

Lund’s investment model merges angel and venture capital with incubator support catapaulting start-ups into existence. He believes: “Startups need help from smart people – not takeovers from smart asses”. To Lund, being an investor is all about adding value. He doesn’t over-think and he doesn’t let himself get bogged down by institutional processes. He just does. Quickly. He falls in love with companies, and does what it takes to help them grow.

Tenacious, instinctive and viciously self-promoting, one of Morten’s secrets to success lies in his network activity which extends from honing the raw brilliance of young programmers to masterminding a sit-down with former President Clinton. He is not afraid to take risks and dedicates funds for high risk early stage investments. He is known for acting on the moment, focusing on people, timing, network and…luck hence the title of his blog: ‘Its all about Luck’.

SIME 08 – Morten Lund from SIME on Vimeo.

Recent activities include, co-founding Denmarks now largest newspaper, Nyhedsavisen, a free newspaper, where he intends to transform the nature of printed press today, merging this offline distribution with an attractive online presence. He also recently started 40+ companies under his boutique firm LundKenner and ignited international communications agency Hello Group founded 2006 and now employing 65 people, and currently the fastest growing add and media agency in Scandinavia. On top of all that Morten has started 3 funds – Chinese Property, Indian Tech Ventures and Middle East GreenTech Private Equity Fund.

Recent exits include:
VOIP star Skype (recently sold to eBay for $2.6 billion), Anti-virus consumer brand Bullguard,
Web Agency NeoIdeo (sold to Leo Burnett),
Chinese browser Maxthon with 72 million downloads,
Orolix the fastest growing on-line company in Brazil, Commisions free stocktrading (75.000+ clients in 12months)
PokerOffice the world leader in poker training.

Within his WILD investment portfolio, he is currently involved with WaterStillar, a company for water purification techniques; IJoule, a startup working to fight obesity and Aresa, a company that uses genetically modified plants to detect landmines.

At the heart of Morten Lund there’s something that drives him to go big. To Lund, big money means big power. It means Carl Icahn-style clout and activism. Something makes people listen to Lund, he has the clout, vision and disruptive ideas to fascinate and inspire. He will influence how we live, communicate, work and play tomorrow.


Any questions?

TMT.Ventures’09 Warsaw, March 5th – Warsaw, Poland

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