Saul Klein – Partner at Index Ventures, Founding Partner of The Accelerator Group (TAG), as well as the founder of OpenCoffee Club and Seedcamp – is super excited about Seedcamp 08 week starting today in London.

Saul says they have a great set of teams from across the globe – including Austria, Poland, Finland, Romania, Ukraine, France, Germany, Slovenia, US, India and Sweden, the UK, but not just from London – from Wales as well.

Check out this super cool Seedcamp application zeitgeist.

What are you creating?

How will you make money?

What tools will you use?

“The diversity is fantastic and shows how wide the talent pool really is in Europe and that killer teams can come from anywhere nowadays – although Zemanta, taught us that lesson last year by putting Slovenia on the Internet map.” – says Saul.

LOL you Westerners, you!

Maybe it’s time to get to know start-ups form Central and Eastern Europe a little better. Why not start in the Balkans – Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia…

Why not learn some more at TMT.Ventures’08 Zagreb conference, which will take place on October 28th in Zagreb, Croatia:

For Seedcamp-lovers we have a 7 minutescontest for the most innovative regional start-ups. It was kinda inspired by local Easter European contest but VC-backed Seedcamp as well. In fact we did one of these contest with Reshma and it was great fun. But getting to the point…

‘7 minutes’ is a challenge for entrepreneurs trying to make an impression and deliver a convincing presentation in an extremely short period of 7 minutes. It is a test of self-confidence and charisma for the project-leaders standing in front of a demanding audience, their competition, world-class investors, bloggers and media people.

Just to show you that we’re for real and that ‘7 minutes’ works… Mapness – a finalist of ‘7 minutes’ held in Warsaw – was recently voted the European Startup of the Month – August at EuropeanStartups and also won the 3rd prize at London Startup Camp. Congrats guys!

See you at TMT.Ventures’08 Zagreb on October 28th.

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