One more memory from Kiev where I was for TMT.Ventures’08 Kiev conference. The next day we had a house party at Denis Dovgopoliy‘s place. We were talking about VC business and what’s driving it. To make the long story short it’s the survival of the strongest. Meaning – who delivers the biggest growth – stays. Who fails to deliver – is out. The rule applies to both VC managers and entreprenuers. Up or out! That simple.

Because of the very unformal Ukrainian atmosphere we got creative and discussed a number of interesting, high-growth but rather controversial investment opportunities. Ideas that might work but not every VC would officially support it and some businesspeople would refuse to develop.

One of the ideas was taking advantage of our natural weaknesses – like envy or dislike for other people. Envy and dislike which we like to indulge in. There is a hater in every one of us. And that’s why anti-communities and anti-blogs have became so popular.

So we imagined an e-commerce service for people who want to send an unpleasant gift for other people whom they don’t like too much. For a fee. Anonymously. The recepient may of course return the package. For a double fee. For a premium fee the company would deliver a classic horse’s head to recepients bedroom – like in Godfather. It seemed to be a brilliant idea. And a great business.

Then I saw this a few days ago:

You can actually buy a horse’s head – a stuffed or unstuffed version. I don’t know what they stuff it with but it can’t be good. ;-)

Ok guys, who started this business without me? We were all at the party so I should get some equity, right? I could be up, but instead I’m out. ;-)

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