You’re invited on June 12th to TMT.Communities’08 Warsaw conference – New Europe‘s most focused event on Web 2.0, social media and internet / mobile communities. It is organized in cooperation with Techcrunch UK & Ireland, who’s editor Mike Butcher will be speaking during the conference. We’re also having an Innowatorium & Techcrunch Meetup – an evening unformal event for tech startups, business angels and investors. If you’re interested in participating or in promoting your startup at – let me know.

By the way – Yours Truly is the chairman of the TMT.Communities conference. Take a look at the event agenda – looks interesting.

So creating products and services around internet & mobile communities presents great business and investment opportunities. Does it really? Or maybe Web 2.0 is ‘merely’ a social phenomenon attracting eyeballs but presenting not much value except for strategic investors intending to cross-sell their products?

Anyhow, creating and managing an active community throughout its lifecycle is a difficult challenge requiring a complex skillset. One has to deal with numerous business challenges and irritants for the (over?)sensitive users. Who’s to tell which early-stage projects will succeed? Why are some great seed projects misjudged and offered no support? Why some promising VC-backed projects fail?

Let’s discuss these issues on June 12th, 2008 during TMT.Communities conference in the Warsaw Stock Exchange HQ.

Did I mention that we’ll be watching Poland – Austria Euro 2008 football game? Well, we will.

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