Two weeks ago there was an interesting conference held in Croatia.  Web.Start was the first conference in Southeastern Europe focused exclusively on Web application development and Web startups. This year, conference took place on May 8-9, 2008, at the Hypo EXPO XXI Centre in Zagreb, Croatia. The conference was being organized by the Croatian Association of software and online entrepreneurs Initium.

Looks like it was a hot event. And I’m not writing about it because my grand-grand… grandma used to live in Dubrovnik when it was a part of Austria-Hungary. Croatia is a nice place to visit, great people. I learned to dive there. There are some nice WWII plane bombs at the bottom of the sea near Makarska.

We speak a similar language, have a similar national anthem, have a similar national flag and I was always a fan of Croatian football. The victory over the Dutch in 1998 FIFA World Cup Finals was great.

It’s a pity Poland plays Croatia in Euro 2008 next month. Some say Germany will win the group and the real race is for the second place between Croatia and Poland. Pity.

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