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TMT.Communities’€™08 Warsaw – June 12th

You’re invited on June 12th to TMT.Communities’08 Warsaw conference – New Europe‘s most focused event on Web 2.0, social media and internet / mobile communities. It is organized in cooperation with Techcrunch UK & Ireland, who’s editor Mike Butcher will be speaking during the conference. We’re also having an Innowatorium & Techcrunch Meetup – an […]

Alex Osadzinski rules!

I had a pleasure to meet Alex Osadzinski at New Connect Club event organized by Ewa‘s firm and moderated by Yours Truly. After the club meeting (catch a glimpse) we had a dinner and the next day we gave Alex and his lovely wife a tour around Warsaw. After hanging out for some time I […]

Up or out!

One more memory from Kiev where I was for TMT.Ventures’08 Kiev conference. The next day we had a house party at Denis Dovgopoliy‘s place. We were talking about VC business and what’s driving it. To make the long story short it’s the survival of the strongest. Meaning – who delivers the biggest growth – stays. […]

Croatia Webstart

Two weeks ago there was an interesting conference held in Croatia.  Web.Start was the first conference in Southeastern Europe focused exclusively on Web application development and Web startups. This year, conference took place on May 8-9, 2008, at the Hypo EXPO XXI Centre in Zagreb, Croatia. The conference was being organized by the Croatian Association […]

Beware Kiev, VCs are coming back!

Very mobile, well educated and trained, often workaholics, somewhat greedy and therefore effective in whealth creation and trade. They already invested quite a lot of their time in Western Europe, conquered America and then they came to Kiev. Very keen on beautiful local women. Who am I talking about? No, I’m not talking about VCs […]