Yulya Filippovska Every decent conference has a networking after-party, a cocktail or a bar meet. If there is none the conference is 50% impaired. Demand one from your event organizer or demand your money back ;-)

I won’t brag about what should be done at networking parties. You know the drill. I’ll just indulge myself in posting some pictures of me and pretty businesswomen I’ve met. Notice how I look the same on every picture – that’s years of practice. Here you can see Yulya Filippovska accompanied by yours truly. Yulya is a bit secretive about her future plans but definately a quality professional.

Inna Proshkina, Rafal Stroinski
Above you can see Rafal Stroinski and Inna Proshkina with yours truly. Inna Proshkina is an ex-marketing manager of invisibleCRM, an Ukrainian-originated company which rolled-out globaly and created significant traction with major business analytics firms such as Gartner, Forrester, IDC and others. Currently Inna is a founder and CEO of Go2Market, a trans-atlantic marketing consultancy firm. Check out Inna’s Linkedin recommendations. She’s all business.

Rafal StroinskiRafal Stroinski is a person deserving a separate blog post but I’ll try to squeeze him with businesswomen – I’m sure he won’t mind. We met in California in November 2006 and since then Rafal is a good businessfriend. Also a great networker, a Fullbright scholar at Stanford University, a renown academic teacher in Poland, an animator and active member of US-Polish Trade Council based in Sillicon Valley, and an active legal advisor in new technology deals with a track record of several important deals and M&A transactions. He holds a Ph.D. in law and an LLM degree from Harvard Legal School and is admitted in New York as Attorney and Counselor. The list goes on.

Ewa did a good job again validating the claim phrase under her company’s logo : “Watching trends with businessfriends, making deals and having meals”.

In the next episodes:

  • Sightseeing Kiev with Alex Riabtsev of startup.in.ua
  • Networking party – the-day-after

Stay tuned.

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