On February 27th I participated in TMT.Ventures’08 conference for innovative technology entrepreneurs and ICT executives, local and regional VC’s and angel investors, media people and industry opinion leaders. The event was held at the Warsaw Stock Exchange HQ, Poland.

The event gathered over 200 entrepreneurs and investment funds representatives. Over 400 people chatted and watched an on-line live broadcast.

I also co-moderated a ‘7 minutes‘ contest with Reshma Sohoni CEO of Seedcamp:

‘7 minutes’ is a unique competition for innovative entrepreneurs and their projects from the space of telco, new media and new technologies. It is an express elevator up to the community of investors and experienced businesspeople with decision-making power whose recommendations and support are like rocket fuel for the projects aimed in the right direction.

‘7 minutes’ is also a challenge for entrepreneurs trying to make an impression and deliver a convincing presentation in an extremely short period of 7 minutes. It is a test of self-confidence and charisma for the project-leaders standing in front of a demanding audience, their competition, world-class investors, bloggers, media people and TVN CNBC Biznes cameras transmitting the contest from the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

And I wrote that? wow! ;-)

7 minutes Jury in the process of selecting the winner

The honorable ‘7 minutes’ Jury making up it’s mind.

I’ll post a video and some more comments soon. Some pictures are available on New Europe Events‘ website: http://www.tmtevents.eu/7minut/PHOTO/

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