It was great to participate in the “Web 2.0 Wave in the U.S. and Poland” event last November in SF. In case you were wondering – we keep on surfing that Web 2.0 wave with some success I must say. I wanted to share that news with you…

My friend Michael Sliwinski is coming to San Francisco next week to talk at Office 2.0 Conference about ‘Getting things done’ application (productivity tool) called which he created. Michael had enough skill and persistence to become one of the leading providers of such services on the US market. Here’s the buzz: He also created one of the first such productivity tools for iPhone without even using one (it’s not available in Poland yet).

You can see a video interview with Michael talking about how he’s riding the Web 2.0, “Getting things done” and iPhone waves :

UPDATE 04/20/2008: The Guru of ‘Getting things done’ David Allen was in Warsaw and also met with Michael Sliwinski

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