On March 1st, 2007 we’ve had a special, unformal ‘innowatorium’ event (unconference) with Yegor “I’m a global guy” Anchishkin. We had a lunch and talked about his business and opportunities on the Ukrainian market. Shortly after I drove Yegor to the airport and we almost had a car accident – too much distraction caused by car-window sightseeing. ;-)

Yegor Anchishkin is a Co-Founder and a Product Manager at Viewdle – a startup that originated from Ukraine but offers its B2B services of video indexing and search to the biggest media corporations. But let’s allow Yegor to speak for himself:

Viewdle is a next-generation video indexing platform that powers private label search engines for TV, online video, and enterprise content. Viewdle was founded by a team of engineers from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Hummingbird (Nasdaq: HUMC) and Jumpcut, who developed a product from idea to a stage where it is considered by Fortune 500 corporations.

The day before during TMT.Ventures’07 Warsaw event Yegor talked about “VC investments in technology prototypes with global market potential” and gave practitioner’s view on strategy and tactics for hi-tech startups to utilize the best from new economies of Eastern Europe.

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