– a social networking website for professionals owned by Web² – was mentioned in a report by Edelman on global blogosphere and social networking services. However brief – we love that kind of brand exposure and recognition. :)

Report excerpt:

This paper provides corporations with a guide to participating respectfully in the “horizontal” conversation, with a focus on the global blogosphere. It will help companies participate in the blogosphere locally and globally, and help them understand that social networks connect people with similar interests in ways that cut across languages, nations, cultures, and social classes.

There has been a good deal of research produced about the English-speaking blogosphere, but we know the blogosphere is quite diffuse by language, with 39% of total posts in English, 33% in Japanese, 10% in Chinese, with Spanish, French, Italian, and German all registering between 1-3% of all blog posts as of June 2006 (chart 1). Therefore, we aimed to examinethe differences between markets.

Dowload: “A Corporate Guide to the Global Blogosphere. The new model of peer-to-peer communications” by Edelman (PDF, 3MB)

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