As I mentioned earlier I was in the San Francisco Bay Area recently. I went there to participate in a discussion panel at the event entitled “Web 2.0 Wave in the US and Poland” organized by USPTC and the Polish Consulate at Stanford University, CA.

I met many great people there trying to build bridges between the Polish technology innovators and the U.S. market. You can learn about the proceedings of the event from a former FT reporter Tom Foremski (who was late for the event but has some thoughts on it nevertheless). Most of the anonymous quotes of the ‘the Polish panelists’ are mine ;-)

The event was very smoothly moderated by Stanford professor Charles Petrie whos very simple introductory presentation you may find here. No Microsoft products were used to prepare this presentation as Prof. Petrie mentioned ;-)

The next day I went to another conference – this time on Enterprise 2.0. Many interesting people there – again. Had a great time, made some valuable contacts and discussed some very interesting concepts. It seems that enterprise software (also 1.0 ;-) is big over there. I guess they don’t make those Fortune 3000 lists for nothing.

I also found out that I really connect with ICT businesspeople from India. We both have an outsiders perspective on the U.S. market and it really helps when evaluating our products’ chances or the future of the U.S. market. And we don’t even live on the same continent!

For example we both recognize the same differences in the adoption barriers of some products/solutions in the U.S. and other parts of the world. Some barriers in the U.S. are lower making it easier to sell certain solutions. On the other hand some inefficiencies don’t exist making certain business models (working elsewhere) obsolete.

That lack of perspective leads people to believe that WiMax has surely a big bright future in Europe or that Poles are passionate about Skype for other reasons than relatively high telecom rates due to slow telecom market liberation.

Anyway it was an eye-opening experience and a I had loads of fun too. Later on I’ll be elaborating on the ideas and doubts that came to my mind as a result of this trip.

Below are some pictures to give you a flavour of what I’ve seen and done over there.

This is an opening slide of the US-Polish event.

Ewa Stepien of New Europe Events.

From the left: me going yadayadayada, dr Greg Badros (director of engineering at Google Inc.), Marcin Malinowski (director of the business incubator department at Onet) and Paul Bragiel (CEO of the Meetro social networking site)

Our little excursion to Google HQ (there IS such thing as free lunch – but only at Google!)

I also went to Intel’s tech museum

Anybody recognize this? :-)

I met some friendly chip-makers there…

…who attempted to check out my conductivity

American corporations love to show off their big… logos

I like this one ;-)

They actually do some kitesurfing in Santa Cruz even in the winter. I wish I brought my gear along. The conditions were like in September at the Baltic sea.

It’s a pretty amazing place as you can see. (I remember a movie “A view to a kill” in which James Bond fights on top of that bridge).

Ok, time to go home…

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